First of all, it is worth mentioning that for writing the so-called essay, you need to freely know the topic. If you have to look for information in many sources, the essay ceases to be so. This rule comes out of the fact that the author expresses his point of view in his “trial”, although, of course, he can emphasize it with quotations from great people, etc. Of course, to ensure that the data is reliable, it is necessary to verify them. But the essay is written not on the basis of the material, but based on it, coming to its conclusions and results.

Why are there problems with writing? You can read the guide of best dissertation writing services 2017 on the internet here and get answers to your qustions. Many students try to find a sample of the essay, because there is not enough time in schools to write this type of work. School essays, although ranked in this genre, and some teachers formulate the task using this particular terminology, still do not have a specific specification. As already mentioned earlier, school essays do not even always sound like that. In secondary schools, children are just beginning to learn how to formulate their thoughts in a literary format.

Structure of the essay about power

Subjects of the composition are usually given in the form of quotations of famous people, with whom the writer can agree or disagree, arguing his opinion. That’s why it is recommended to start an essay with the words “I am in agreement with this opinion” or “I can’t say that I think the same as the author” or “this statement seems to me controversial, although on some points I subscribe to this opinion” .

The second sentence should contain an explanation of how the statement was understood. You need to write from yourself – what, according to the writer, the author wanted to say and why he thinks so. The main part of the essay is a detailed presentation of the author’s point of view, according to the principle “I believe so, because …”.

You can ask for help to other quotes and aphorisms with which the writer is in solidarity. Conclusion of the essay is the results of the work. This is a mandatory item that makes the work complete.

Can I pay someone to write my essay about power?

Here is the basic meaning that must be revealed when writing an essay on the power of the spirit.
The strength of the spirit is the ability not to succumb to fear in moments of danger, this is courage, courage, steadfastness. A person with this quality is able to overcome any obstacles. He does not give up, does not despair in difficult situations. He believes in himself and his strength.

In life there are many people who have the strength of spirit. The strength of the spirit is, first of all, the ability to remain a real person even in the most difficult situations.

Probably, a lie is a complicated concept. Lie is considered a vice. But it is necessary for people, otherwise it would disappear long ago from the face of the Earth. And why say: “a lie for good”?

For me, a lie is definitely a bad thing. After all, if a person lies to me, then he wants to deceive me. Maybe he wants to use me for his own purposes. Or maybe he just wants to laugh at the “fool”. Or he lies, not thinking that he was left behind. In any case, his lies initially do not imply good motives for me. At least, this person is indifferent to me.

There are also “lies for good”. This is when a person is not told the truth, so as not to upset him. For example, a patient is not told that his illness is fatal, but deceived. Or they do not say that something unpleasant has happened, but they reassure: “everything is in order”. It’s all right, beautiful marquise! But such a lie still remains a lie. A person will still suspect that something is wrong, suffer. And then, after all, he will know the whole truth. And who knows if it was better to tell him at once!

How to write an essay about lying for good

The only option of “lying for good”, which I personally admit – is to keep silent where you really can’t speak. For example, that there was no panic. Or not to cause a deep heart wound. No wonder they say: “Silence is gold.” But do not lie, do not compose, do not invent or “twist”.

I do not like people who are easy to lie to. And I know such people, with some ones even were my friends at one time. But not for long. You can communicate with them, but you can’t be friends, you can’t start any common business.

Sometimes you do not understand why they making that up: a rich fantasy? Or somehow self-affirm? Then you just try to “filter” everything they say. And at least, whatever! Having lost some friends, they immediately lead others, often the same liars. And then these people sincerely do not understand why they get into trouble, why they do not want to communicate with them.
Lying is a statement that does not correspond to the truth, most often a person who cheats knows about it.

Composing of a philosophical focus, and lies are very different, I would say big and small. Someone is lying to his mother that he did not take sweets, while others commit crimes and do not admit it. It seems to me, it is correctly said that a small lie then generates a great deception. Therefore, it is best to try not to lie at all, so it will be better.

In the introductory part of the lie (deception) in general, try to write. Then the volume part is the main one. Discuss on the topic of why people lie, what it gives them, why they do it, how they explain their actions to themselves. Remember the moments when you deceived someone, you can write about it.

The conclusion on the work is clear – all are lying, but it is necessary to try to do it not in large volumes. Just try to tell the truth, it’s better to live, maybe not quite easier, but still. Get best essay writer here.